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Have you had unprotected sex, do you have symptoms of an early HIV infection, and have you got a positive advice from the Symptom Checker? If so, you can go to GGD Amsterdam immediately. They have a new HIV test that can detect HIV at an earlier stage (after just one week) than other tests do, and you will know the results within one and a half hours. For this new test, GGD Amsterdam now has special testing equipment. Go to the GGD if you have had unprotected sex and if you currently have symptoms that could point to an acute HIV infection. During the consultation you will first receive a rapid HIV test to determine whether or not you had already been infected with HIV. If the result is negative, the new test will be done. Within one to two hours you will know whether or not you have been infected. If the second test shows that you have been infected with HIV, an appointment can immediately be made for you at one of the hospitals in Amsterdam. During that appointment you will hear about the advantages of starting treatment of an early HIV infection right away, and you can start treatment the very same day if you want.
No symptoms? more
Have you run a risk but don't have any symptoms that could point to an early HIV infection? In that case, make sure you get tested six weeks after you had the risky sex, since some people become infected with HIV without ever having any symptoms.
No risks? more
You haven't run any risks at all? Fucking with a condom and plenty of good lube will prevent the spread of HIV, but it's possible that the condom wasn't put on properly or that there wasn't enough lube or the wrong kind of lube was used or that the condom was used for too long. In that case, the condom could have torn or slid off without that being noticed. For that reason it's best to get tested for HIV and STIs every six months.
Past the stage of an early HIV infection? more
In many cases, an early HIV infection will produce symptoms. Those will appear anywhere from two weeks to three months after the infection took place. After three months, it is no longer considered to be an 'early' HIV infection. But even then it is still important to find out if you have HIV and to quickly start taking medication. For that reason, get yourself tested for HIV and other STIs on a regular basis ? even if you don't have any symptoms and even if it has been more than three months since you had unprotected sex.
Do you live outside of the Amsterdam area? more
The new programme to track early HIV infections has only started in Amsterdam and is not yet available outside of the Amsterdam region. What if the Symptom Checker shows that you might have an acute HIV infection but you live outside of this area? In that case, contact your family doctor or your local GGD and mention that you think you might have an acute HIV infection.