Fast testing

And immediate treatment

If you've had unprotected sex* you may have been infected with HIV. 

So do the Symptom Checker after 2 weeks. You will receive advice based on the test. If you feel ill, fill in which symptoms you are experiencing. If you have no symptoms, do the Symptom Checker test anyway. The checker takes other factors into account to assess your risk.

* sex without using a condom, without taking PrEP, or with a partner who does not have an undetectable viral load 

Doe de symptomencheck voor advies




If the Symptom Checker indicates you should get tested for HIV as soon as possible, call a GGD (municipal health service) near you for an appointment. Make clear to them that, according to the Symptom Checker, you may have an acute/early HIV infection. The person you talk to at the GGD may ask you additional questions. 

Do you have additional questions? Then you can call, email, or chat with the Soa Aids Nederland Infolijn.

Not in a hurry, but want to be tested
The advice for men and trans persons with an active sex life is to have yourself tested for HIV and STIs 2 to 4 times a year. Besides the GGD, you can be tested at Man tot Man Testlab, your family doctor or with a self-test. If you want to do a self- test, make sure you only use test kits that you send back to a laboratory. Tests that give an immediate result are not reliable. 

There is also a number of commercial providers where you can go for HIV and STI testing. In Amsterdam, anyone can go to an AHF Checkpoint for a free, anonymous, rapid HIV test. Good to know: You get the result of a rapid HIV test within an hour. However, this is not suitable for the detection of HIV that was contracted recently!

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